Why is Possum Removal a Good Idea In Australia?

Possums are mostly tree-loving animals found mainly in Australia. They are nocturnal and essentially spend the time asleep and emerging after sunset to forage for food. Possums are herbivores; they eat various tree leaves, fungi, flowers, and fruits. 

A brushtail possum is most prevalent in Australia. Possums can cause significant destruction to your gardens. 

They can damage forests, fruits, trees, flowers, decorative plants, and pine plantations. They can also create significant problems by chewing the electric wires creating a fire hazard, and fixing this means a lot of money. 

Possums are small animals, but they can create many serious problems and cause trouble for you and your pet. Possum Removal is essential for living peacefully with your pet in the house.

A possum is a small cute and cuddly sized marsupial animal that is commonly found throughout Australia. 

They have strong, sharp claws with a hand-like structure in their back feet that helps the possum to dwell on the trees. The possums are primarily nocturnal in the daytime and remain active at night. They are mostly known as harmless animals, but they carry various infections of severe disease such as bovine tuberculosis, etc.

Types of possums: 

There are around 23 types of possums species found throughout Australia, but out of 23 possums species, only two types of possums species are more prevalent in Australia. These two common species are given below:

1. Common brushtail possum: The common brushtail possum comes in various colours such as brown, gold, silver-grey, and blackThey usually prefer to live in hollow trees, and indoors they choose to live roofs and dingy space, and they have a bushy tail with a cute pointed face. 

The common brushtail possums are also nocturnal and primarily active after sunset. They depend not only on trees, flowers, and fruits for their food, but sometimes they can also eat rats, frogs, etc.

2. Common ringtail possum: The common ringtail possum comes in both small and big sizes. They are also nocturnal, like common brushtail possums, and love to be active at night. 

Common ringtail possums also prefer to live in dense forests and love to eat eucalyptus leaves. Common ringtail possums are generally grey with white colour fur on their belly with some orange colour streaks.

The reason why possum Removal is a Good Idea in Australia: 

Possum is considered a protected animal in Australia. In Australia, possum management police also exist for each possum area where they implement the protection laws related to the possum. In Australia, Possum Removal is not an easy task. 

You can’t kill, capture, or remove possums because, in Australia, there is a Wildlife Act, 1975 that directly addresses possum-related issues and ensures that possums are considered protected animals and no one has the right to harm possums. 

In Australia, no one has the right to keep a possum as a pet without approval from the government. The Australian government and wildlife Act 1975 laid down specific guidelines for Possum Removal

Possum infestation is one of the common occurrences throughout Australia. If you want to remove a possum from your property, you should hire a licensed Possum Removal company. 

Suppose you are fully aware of possums and how to remove them from the property as per guidelines given by the government and wildlife Act,1975. But if you don’t know about possums and their related government guidelines, you should go for experts who know everything related to possum removal

For Possum Removal, you need a trap designed in a safe way that does not cause any injury to the possum, and if the trap can injure the possum, then it becomes illegal to use. 

How do you prevent possums in your house?

There are many right things that you can adopt to control possum infestation from your house. Some of the most common measures are given below:

  • You can install grid screens or other suitable barriers that help to protect from possum infestation in your house.
  • You can timely trim the tree branches from your home’s roof that help prevent possums because possums generally climb on trees and enter into houses and cause several severe problems in your life.
  • Keep your house clean, especially in areas where foods are kept to avoid possums because food is one of the main reasons that attract possums to enter the house. 


Possum infestation is one of the common problems in Australia because possums are mainly found in Australia and are considered protected animals under the Wildlife Act,1975 by the Australian government. 

In Australia, Possum Removal is a challenging task because you don’t have any right to kill and capture the possum, and also you need government approval to keep a possum as a pet. Simple to get rid of possum, you can hire any professional pest removal company.